Outer Limit Recording Studio
1313 Walden Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14211

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Writing / Zen Room Drum Room
Production Suite

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Control Room


To polish your sound, our well-equipped control room is outfitted with top-quality mics and outboard gear by Avalon, Neumann, Focusrite Universal Audio, AKG, Lexicon, Blue and more. We're all about results and our high-end equipment will give you a final product that lets your project stand up to the pros.

Production Suite

Production Suite

The newest addition to Outer Limit is the Production Suite.  Here, for only half of the cost of the studio with an engineer, anyone can rent time to produce beats with either Maschine and its controller and keyboard, or with Reason and the controller and/or keyboard.  Even people who don't yet have the experience and skill to produce can use it, as we also offer instruction on the gear AND on how to actually get the ideas out of your head and into the system.  Get rid of that old laptop and expired software and get over here.

Iso Room 3 / Drum Room

Room 3 / Drum Room

To accomodate you and your music we provide four soundproof performance rooms. Each room offers its own unique sound and brings a different depth and quality to your project. This flexibility is just the start to getting an amazing sound.

Snack Room

Snack Room

Treat yourself at our snack bar or simply order in from one of the many nearby restaurants. Our kitchen provides a microwave and small refrigerator at anytime for your convenience, or during dinner breaks in between those late night sessions.

Game / Lounge RoomView #2

Game / Lounge Room

Enjoy the Xbox 360 or PS3 on our 36” television or bring in your favorite DVDs for your friends, collaborators or band members while they wait for their turns behind the mic. This is also a great place to learn that last-minute verse that your friend threw at you.

Writing Room / Zen Room

Writing Room / Zen Room

Feeling inspired? Sit back and relax in our sunny Zen-influenced writing room. It's the perfect place to rework your music or put that last minute sparkling touch on your project.

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