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Outer Limit Recording Studio Control RoomNo other studio can touch Outer Limit's balance of technical proficiency and musically inspiring environment. When you walk in you feel like you’re at home, but at the same time you know you're being taken care of by a professional.   You'll feel creative and excited. The environment is musically inspiring and at the same time makes you feel so comfortable so quickly that you don’t hold back. Ken, your chief engineer,  plays seven instruments and has ears that are so fine-tuned that he wouldn’t miss a pin drop. 

The honesty and integrity with which he works has made people trust his opinion and seek his advice because they know talking to him will mean the difference between someone creating what they came there to create, or leaving with something that’s just average.
You feel the essence of greatness at Outer Limit, knowing that you’re recording in the same room as Eminem… singing in the same mic as Raheem DeVaughn, sitting on the same couch as Donnel Jones and so many other greats from Buffalo and beyond.  You get the sense of being on par with the best at Outer Limit.  Ken never lets anything get out the door without having been recorded, mixed, and mastered to sound the best that it can possibly sound. 

As you walk through the entire studio you can’t help but notice that there are instruments everywhere, most of which Ken can play whenever needed. From the drums, guitars, basses, saxophones, flutes, and keyboards you’d expect in a studio to some of the more exotic instruments like rainsticks, ocarinas, kalimbas and maracas, you can’t help but be impressed by the variety of instruments at your disposal.

Ken’s extensive roster of session musicians who play just about every instrument you can think of have worked with him personally and have been selected specifically for their amazing talent.  Each person is professional, incredibly musical, and always arrives prepared to give you exactly what you want.  It’s never a matter of “Was that take good enough, it’s a matter of whether it was the “perfect” take.

If you are interested in scheduling a recording session or would like to take a tour of the studio, you can contact us by phone at 716-886-0554.

Since 1993 Outer Limit Recording Studio has been the preferred choice of recording artists from across Western New York to New York City and Pennsylvania, and with the internet making distances disapper, Ken now caters to artists from across the nation.  Many people who have relocated from Buffalo continue to return to Ken.  They simply can’t find another studio to do what Ken and Outer Limit do for them.

Ken’s aim is to provide each client with a high quality recorded project and an inspiring and comfortable environment in which to create it.

If you would like to book a session time or contact Outer Limit Recording Studio for more information, please call us at 716-866-0554.

Mission Statement

Ken RutkowskiA well-stocked control room means nothing without a talented producer and engineer in the chair. Now the sole owner of Outer Limit, Ken co-founded the studio eighteen years ago and has steadily earned respect as a recording engineer and producer since his studio doors opened in 1993. With decades of experience playing rock, jazz, classical, and a newfound genius for hip-hop producing and recording, he has gained tremendous notoriety and attention since adding Grammy-Award-winning artists Eminem to his client list.  He's also worked with Raheem DeVaughn and Donnel Jackson from the national scene and a huge number of local legends including many renowned members of Rick James' band, session musicians from all over the country, and dozens of musicians who have been inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Proficient in several instruments, Ken's musical background of over 30 years is among the most extensive and thorough anywhere. All of these factors make it undeniable that he is the best choice to make any project the best it can be. Since opening Outer Limit, Ken has expanded the studio several times and recently bought out his business partner, a move which he says - and his clients agree - has allowed the studio to soar to a new level. The move has allowed Ken to take projects in a direction that lets each artist's musical personality show through more clearly than ever before - and then take those projects to a completely new level.

Ken's college education in Sound Recording Technology - a degree which he captured with honors - is only a small portion of the education and experience that makes him the engineer that people ask for again and again. The experience that Ken has accrued - along with his incredible musical ability, lets him rival engineers and producers from NYC, LA and Toronto.

What sets Outer Limit apart from the rest are the intangibles... the ease with which Ken can give you what you want, the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, and affordability not found anywhere else.

Ken's vast experience, training, and natural talent combine to give you a virtual guarantee that Outer Limit will give you, like so many others before you, a completely satisfying studio experience and an exceptional final product.